This is the story of two friends, who would do anything for each other. They would protect each other with their lives, and give up so much more for each other. In this world, it is hard to find that friend who would throw away their life to save yours. However, two young girls found that friend that friend, and they were like sisters. Let’s start from the beginning before the two girls Demi and Paris met. '  


Demi was the daughter of two hunters. Her parents left her in the care of John Westchester when she was 4, while they went on a hunt they would never return from.

They had been killed.

John raised Demi as his own. Growing up with the Westchester’s wasn’t easy and being the only girl made it worse. When Demi was 8 she had the chance to stay in school for a bit, where she met Paris Crawford. They were the same age. They liked each other the moment they started to talk. Demi and Paris started to do everything together. John saw this, and he was torn. He knew Demi needed Paris as her friend; he could see they had a type of friendship that most people would dream of having, but he knew it was time for them to move again. After a bit, John realized Paris parents had died when she was younger.

John decided to adopt Paris as well. Both of the girls where happy. As time went on, they became like sisters, and Sam and Dean were like their brothers. They started to hunt as well, and both of them were great hunters and the prefect team. Though John never showed it, he was proud of the two girls.

After John was killed, the girls along with their brothers mourned the only father either of them ever knew. All the tough times and the good made Demi and Paris very close, and they have a friendship that can never be broken.

Demi and Paris are now adults, and still travel with their brothers and are they remain very close friends.